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Unforgettable impressions in real chamber of secrets
Enigma Escape Room Chicago is a place with a lot of different puzzles, riddles and tricks, which you should connect together to find an exit. Your team will feel like superheroes or spies in a themed room in which you will be "locked". It is perfect decision for party, date, work event or team building. So, you have only 60 minutes to find a way out, how quick you can escape from Enigma Escape Room or you will stay there forever ?
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You have only an hour to solve all the mini-quests and get a chance to leave the room. Escape games in Chicago are very intense. There's no time to hesitate !
In the escape room Chicago you can build your dream team with family, classmates, friends, colleagues. Use logic and communication skills for the effective work under-pressure
Original scenario is the source of flexible thinking and innovative ideas from all of your team. Forget about a banal solution and use all of your creativity for a quick answer of puzzles.
Secret Room of Leonardo da Vinci
Imagine that you are a group of forwarders who have found the secret room of Leonardo da Vinci in which he created his inventions and masterpieces. In order to get out of this room, you need to use all your abilities to solve all the puzzles of Leonardo. Escape Room Enigma in Chicago wishes you good luck in this challenge !
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Escape room is an entertainment intellectual game for a small company (usualy 3-4 people, but there are games for 2 or 6-8 people). The escape rooms difficulty in Chicago is that they all are not the same, but no worries you are able to take as much hints as you will need during the game, so do not think that this entertainment is only for "very smart". We guarantee you will like it. The essence of the game is to solve all the puzzles in 60 minutes, find the necessary items, guess how they can be applied to achieve the goal of the game: get out of the room, find the treasure, solve the mystery, find out who the murderer is, etc. Each room escape game immerses you in your atmosphere and reality of the chosen theme.
For 60 minutes you will be transported to a completely different world.
Did you like our escape-room?
Who will like Ā«Escape room ChicagoĀ»?
You can invite and play with your family members, friends and colleagues. A whole hour of interesting pastime is provided to you.
What benefits will the game bring me?
Just try this new activity for groups and you will understand that it is like nothing you have ever experienced. We guarantee that it will be fun and interesting. During the game, you will check your logical skills, the ability to work in a team, the ability to concentrate and notice the details.
Which popular games, movies or TV shows are similar to escape games in Chicago?
This puzzle room Chicago is similar to the popular quests games, for example, Ā«SiberiaĀ» or Ā«The Silent HillĀ». A similar scenario can be found in Ā«The Crystal MazeĀ». Viewing the Room of Fermat or films on the books of Den Brown will also give similar impressions.
Is the game very difficult?
You do not need to have any special skills to complete the quest. All you need is to focus on puzzles and use logical thinking. Exit game in Chicago consists of different rooms with a variety of scenarios. Nevertheless, remember, we want to keep our games interesting for everyone but not every team will be able to solve all the puzzles in an hour.
Is there a dress code in the game?
No. Choose clothes in which you will be comfortable to solve puzzles in the quest room.
How safe the game is?
Although some room games are aimed at hitting a nerve, we make sure that you will feel comfortable. In our mystery room in Chicago there will be no terrible monsters. Each game is monitored in real time.
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